Medical Billing Solutions
Medical Billing Services
Provider Reimbursement Solutions

Electronic claims submission to Medicare, Medicaid, MCO's, and private insurance

Generating and mailing patient bills

Handling and resolving all patient and insurance billing inquiries

Telephone and correspondence follow-up with "slow payment" insurance payers and patients, including research and resubmission of denials
Assumption of all costs associated with performing the responsibilities (systems, forms, postage, EDI fees, telephone, etc.)
Unlimited telephone support and conferencing support
On-site visits 

Additional services and systems may be provided according to your practice's individual needs and desires. 

Examples include: 

Provider credentialing 
General Consulting
Initial and ongoing review of contracts
Participation in board meetings

Financial Considerations 

Competitive pricing
"Zero-tolerance" policy regarding unpaid claims
Maximum time dedicated to claim follow-up to optimize practice 
Billing compliance program that conforms to the rules and regulations of the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) 

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Medical Billing Solutions is fully dedicated to HIPAA , Medicare, HCFA, and Office of the Inspector General (OIG) regulatory compliance

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